Sci-Fi Retro girl squirting after fisting – BTS bonus footage

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Pierced blonde teen Kylie Wilde inserting large dildo, fisting her pussy and squirting during a huge orgasm. The fit galactic girl has been admitted to ULTRA, which is a special unit of space warriors specializing in espionage and secret undercover operations against the Trimon aliens who were trying to capture Earth and breed with the local population in order to save their race from extinction…In the behind the scenes video footage you can see the latex babe performed in front of the board of ULTRA during her final exam. The muscular teen showed her abilities to tease and seduce, including the ability to engage in hardcore sex with the huge fat cock aliens. After fisting her vagina Kylie squirted all over the place, which was great achievement as the alien breeders loved female squirting during the breeding process. So the blonde babe passes her test with A+ and was assigned to a squad with a real mission. The BTS fetish video and the high resolution image gallery are posted below. Enjoy! Watch Trailer!

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Long Legs Blonde Squirts during exam – BTS bonus footage

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As with all new Galaxy Girl recruits, Nichole, a blonde-bombshell must be evaluated in a number of areas before acceptance into this highly classified, highly dangerous, and highly sexual program. Her academic qualifications are top-notch. The blonde girl has a Ph.D. in Genetics and she’s a former NASA Astronaut. She’s one very smart girl! However, it was apparent from the start that her sexual prowess needed some grooming. Extensive interviewing revealed that even though she was a very sexual young woman (she used to insert common household items on a regular basis into her pussy, including her father’s tools!) her ambitions for a career caused her to repress her sexual urges and so she became dormant during college. She hasn’t had a cock in over 10 years! But since sexuality is such an important part of being a Galaxy Girl, she was required to re-open her sexuality during her recruitment if she wanted to be in the program. Under deep cover, the long legs babe was ordered to quit her job at NASA to pursue a more sexual line of work. And so she did. She quit NASA, moved to Los Angeles, and became a stripper and eventually came out of her shell until she became a full-blown slut, sucking cock for a living! After months of whoredom, she now comes before the recruitment review board to give them an update on her sexual progress. One thing she did, which impressed everybody was her newly learned ability to SQUIRT. Will she be sexy enough to stay in the program? Will she be required to go back on the street for more sexual training? Lets see how she does! The dirty fetish BTS film and high resolution picture gallery are posted below. Watch Trailer!

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