Sci-Fi Mind Blast II

aliens blasts girls mind sexually
This is the second episode of the adventures of Galactic Girl Vanessa Naughty. In the last episode Vanessa was trapped by the Alien Baby Mind on The Dark Planet. Brought down by the invisible mind waves, Vanessa was completely under the control of the Alien. The kinky SciFi Mind wanted to take full sexual advantage before the arrival of the Trimons, who wanted to interrogate the Sci-Fi babe too. Shiny bio arms with a dildo tip crawled down from the cave ceiling and spiraled around Vanessa’s hot naked body. The aliens wrapped Vanessa well and then began probing her pussy and ass. The girl was completely helpless, the only thing she could do is enjoy the kinky Sci-Fi sex. Stay tuned to Galactic Girls and find out if ULTRA has sent somebody to free Vanessa from the Alien Bondage. The HD video and picture gallery are posted below. Enjoy! Watch Trailer!

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