Alien Sex Machine Attacks Busty Lesbian Warriors

lesbian warriors fucked by sex machine

Busty Space Girl Victoria Zdrok was sent on a mission to planet Vaginara to free her comrade. On this remote planet the huge cock alien breeders have established a laboratory for sexual experiments and interracial breeding. Victoria found her comrade laying down, in deep sleep held by the bio arms of the dirty sci-fi machine. The big tits babe decided to use a a lesbian method to wake up the captured comrade. There are certain pressure points on the galactic girl’s body, which can activate an emergency system in the brain which would help wake up the warrior and free them from the alien mind control sub-atomic waves. Hot ass Victoria began touching her comrade, kissing her lips, pussy, breasts and asshole. It appeared that Victoria was sexually attracted to her comrade. During this erotic lesbian act, the captured space girl began waking up and that was the time when the alien sex machine attacked the space lesbos…The BTS lesbian film and high resolution photo gallery are posted below. Enjoy! Watch Trailer!

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