Crash landing on the Planet of the puppets

juicy galactic babe fucked by alien puppetsIn this crazy sci-fi porno episode we find the busty Sci-Fi Girl Kymberly Jane being transported to Planet Pussea by the Trimons. The alien invaders were hoping to scan the brain of Kymberly and find out the location of the spaceship spying on them. After her first encounter with the alien puppets Kymberly has become part of the intergalactic alien mind. The aliens have come to rescue her. They have clogged the ship engines and the captain had to emergency land the ship on one of the moons. The puppets wrapped the scifi girl and scared away the crew. When Kymberly woke up she was scared and screamed, but after feeling the warm puppets inside her vagina she calmed down. Check out this exclusive alien sex video and post your comments. The kinky HD movie and picture gallery are posted below. Enjoy! Watch Trailer!

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