Busty Blonde Fucked in Alien Cave

big boobs warrior fucked in alien caveAndi Anderson of the Cybourgian race had been responsible for the capture many Galactic Girls for the building of their Army. With each transformation she was loosing more and more of her sexual powers. She began to think mutiny, and wondered why she must sacrifice her sexuality to build the “leaders” army. When first invading the planet, she had heard rumors of a vicious cybernetic cave that was charged with mysterious sexual energies. The cave had long been forgotten and became only a legend, but even so, the Galactic Girls who did know about it dared not set foot. No female was strong enough to endure the powers of the cave except for the queen of Pussea herself. Until now. Andi went on her quest to find the alien cave and all of its wonders. When she had finally discovered the opening she was nearly spent. Clinging on to her last drop of energy Andi entered and began to refuel. The bio arms took to her kindly and Andi to them. She knew that to get her energy she must please the robots as much as they pleased her. Moving around her sensual body the puppets recharged her energy. Her brain, her large perfect breasts and her pussy were fully powered. But Andi wanted more, she became greedy for the alien powers and wanted to become superior over the Cybourgians and their baby leader. She begged the puppets for more and more until they let out their lethal blue cum. Andi’s sexual energy burst out of control as she began masturbating harder and harder and something began happening to her clit. She was fascinated and could not stop the rubbing, for it appeared to her that it was growing in size. Unable to stop for a moment Andi saw the change that was happening to her, she had developed a penis of her own and she was eager to please it for it had a life of its own it seemed. When her sexual frenzy was finished Andi felt on fire, she was a lone species now, superior to anything on the planet of Pueesa… her penis would now give her extraordinary powers. Andi knew the possibilities; she would be able to implant her own seed into unsuspecting females, who will lay her eggs. Stay tuned to GalacticGirls.com to see when happens next.The HD video and high resolution image gallery are posted below. Enjoy! Watch Trailer!

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