IAR – Alien Capture and Containment Part1

agents capture female alien in the hills
The Institute for Alien Research (IAR) is a busy secret facility focusing on capturing Alien subjects for the purpose of research and DNA enhancement of the human race. The institute was founded in 1947, when a lot of UFO activities were reported. Since then IAR has secretly recruited the best scientists of the world trying to prevent the Alien invaders from using the Planet Earth as military base. In this episode we are showing a live footage of capturing a female Alien from the instinct race of Trimon. The Trimons were trying for eons to save themselves from instinction by mating with earth males. Check out this unique Sci Fi horror sex  femdom movie featuring alien porn between a Trimon female and one of the IAR best scientists, who was asked to conduct a sexual act. Stay tuned to GalacticGirls.com as part 2 and 3 is coming soon! The HD video is posted below. Enjoy! Watch Trailer!

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