The Planet of the Alien Puppets

busty cyborg fucked by alien puppets
Busty SciFi Warrior Kymjin was exploring undiscovered planet when she was captured by wild sex aliens. The aliens were part of the planet living symbioses with it. The planet was using the scifi arms to defend itself from invaders. Hot ass scifi warrior Kymjin was quickly moved deep inside the alien caves where she was probed for DNA. Little did the aliens know that Kymjin was trained for all kinds of Alien encounters and she experienced multiple orgasms, especially when a huge alien puppet was drilling her pussy, she even grabbed it and pushed it further inside. Most of the small aliens moved away and let a specially designed puppet to spray the scifi porno warrior with a special gas in order to sedate her. This was the moment busty Kymjin was waiting for to escape. Enjoy! The HD video and picture gallery are posted below. Watch Trailer!

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