SciFi Lesbian Girls and Alien Puppets

MILF uses puppets to seduce teen
The Intergalactic spaceship Pussea has crashed on a remote planet after barely escaping a black hole field near the center of the Casiopenis galaxy. Teen girl Kali and scifi babe Brandy were some of the survivors, who were wondering around the ship trying to find other galactic girls who have survived the crash. Both galaxy girls met in the engine room of the ship gladly surprised to meet, but also very scared of the strange alien noises going on around them. Colorful bizarre aliens started coming out of the floor grabbing the scared scifi girls. Shocked the girls did not notice that they were moved to a special alien sarcophagus, where all kinds of dildos penetrated all their holes getting a DNA samples for a crazy alien research. The aliens were very soft and smooth and the Sci-Fi babes experienced several orgasms. The aliens were also able to gain control over the minds of the sexy scifi girls. The HD video and picture gallery (101 high rez images) are posted below. Enjoy! Watch Trailer!

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