Galactic Queen and Alien Puppets

juicy sexy queen fucked by aliens
In this wild SciFi sex film, we find big boob galactic Queen Kym lost in huge cargo ship, somewhere in the galaxy of Casiopenis. The Queen heard strange noises coming from the dark. Scarred she looked around and saw strange aliens crawling towards her. She screamed for help, but it was too late. The aliens grabbed Kym and pulled her towards the transparent sarcophagus nearby. At first Kym was terrified, but after a while she felt sweet fetish sexual desires. She felt extrimly horny when two aliens drilled her tight pussy. Little did she know, that she was a subject of a new experiment setup by the Alien Baby Mind. Pleasured sexually in the sarcophagus the big boob Queen started to transform?! The alien sex movie and image gallery (103 high rez photos) are posted below. Enjoy! Watch Trailer!

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