Resurrection of Deja Daire in Space Sex

anal scifi sex has brought to live an old movie. This movie was shot in 2006, but never offered as one complete scene. Enjoy: Space Girl Deja Daire is now into Phase II of the sexual ravages of the Alien created Humanoid; Anal Probing! The Humanoid had Deja Daire under his full control and is PROBING every orifice during this Galactic Sex encounter! As she is getting Rammed in the Ass by this Humanoid Cock she is having probes stuffed into her Hot, Wet Pussy and her Mouth in order to inject the necessary Alien Juices!!! The Alien Humanoid shoots a final LOAD on her face to control her vision! Luckily Deja has been able to get on her Protective Eye-wear to deflect the eye load. It is not enough as Deja Daire’s body is fully under ALIEN CONTROL!!! The anal sex video and high resolution picture gallery (190 pics) are posted below. Enjoy! Watch Trailer!

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