DNA extraction during Femdom Lesbian Sex Part2

femdom lesbian sex in space

Obsessed with lesbian sexual desires Space Warrior Paris Kennedy ripped the pantyhose of Sci Fi princess Natalie Demore and began massaging her pussy and clit. When the blonde princess saw the huge dildo, she began moaning. At that moment it was not clear if she did it because she was scared or attracted to it. Anyways the busty dominant warrior continued with the extraction procedure, inserting the big toy inside Natalie’s pussy. The dildo was connected to the power so it began vibrating the Princes’ wet pussy. Meanwhile kinky Paris began sucking Natalie’s enlarged nipples. It looked like the princess got excited and began squirting a white goo like liquid from her vagina. Paris quickly brought a LAB bottle and began extracting the liquid. After all the DNA sample was not enough and the space girl had to move to phase 3. In order to trigger a bigger orgasm and larger squirting from Natalie’s pussy, Paris had prepared even bigger and fatter strap on dildo…Part 2 of the fem-Dom lesbian porn video and picture gallery are posted below. Stay tuned for part 3. Watch Trailer!

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