Queen Erin Overthrown by Lesbian Warriors

group lesbian sex in space
Planet Pussea was a safe haven to the Earth immigrants for tens of years till 2037. In this cursed year the Trimon aliens have sent their SciFi legions to attack and occupy this small planet. After many years of alien sex research and tests they have found that the race of the Galactic Girls, who were protecting the planet, is the best breading DNA material they needed to save themselves from extinction. In this episode the undercover lesbian agent of the Trimon invaders was able to overwhelm the guards and the Queen of Pussea by using the mind controlling power of the alien baby. The kinky fetish agent Andi was captured at first, but after a couple of minutes she was able to control the guard by offering her sexual pleasures. The wild lesbian sex drew the attention of the Queen, who was drawn to nasty SciFi lesbian threesome, including anal probing and BDSM action. Stay tuned to part 2, coming soon on GalacticGirl.com only. The HD video and high resolution picture gallery are posted below. Watch Trailer!

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