Busty Latina inserts big dildo under Alien Mind Contrrol

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Busty Latina Evie Dellatosso awakened to find herself in a cold, unfamiliar room. She glanced around to find that she was alone, surrounded by strange machines and terrifying devices. Could she be dreaming she thought? Just as the thought crossed her mind, her dream turned into a nightmare. An unfamiliar creature approached her carrying a device. Terrified, she tried to communicate with him, but he would not speak. As he placed the device on her head she began to loose all rational thought. Her thoughts became blurred and foggy and not her own. Her thoughts told her to do things, as if something was controlling them…. She tried to fight, but to no avail, her mind was under the control of the big cock Alien breeders. She learned that she must produce cum in order to allow these monsters to breed. Human cum was a great rarity, and the breeders captured human girls to suck them dry with their evil sex machines. As Evie lost all power, the alien creature handed her a device that was to be used for the suction of cum once she reached orgasm and though she was under his control, Evie was determined not to cum. Unfortunately, her body seemed to have a mind of it own also. Her hands began to move touching her large natural breasts, squeezing them, pinching them. She could not stop, she could not even scream. She unwillingly touched herself moving down to her pussy only to find that it was already dripping wet. Unable to stop she began inserting the probe. As she pushed it deeper and deeper, Evie desperately tried not to orgasm. She knew that her orgasm would mean countless more alien breeders and the eventual annihilation of the human race…The HD video and photo gallery are posted below. Enjoy! Watch Trailer!

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