No Escape

galactic warriors drilled by thick puppets
In this classic scifi porno video we find hot big boob exotic dancers Shay Lynn and Jaded Dawn captured by aliens on an abundant spaceship. The hot babes were kidnapped by alien surrogates during their training on Planet Pussea. They woke up bound by alien puppets, which made their way inside every hole these babes have – mouth, pussy, ass, etc. At some point the big tit Sci Fi lesbians began liking the alien sex and tried to enjoy it. Little did the alien know that ULTRA has planned this capture for long time. They wanted to get a galactic girl inside the enemy territory and have alien seed implanted inside her in order to experiment and improve the galactic warriors breed. The HD alien porn video and picture gallery (155 high rez images) are posted below. Enjoy! Watch Trailer!

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