Pussean DNA Doctor

doctor probes pussy for DNA
Back at the lab the Cybourgian Doctor was collecting specimens on the human race. Pornstar Nikki Hunter was abducted in her sleep and transported in a sleep capsule. She awoke to find herself on a space ship with a strange doctor standing over her. She began to struggle and to make the process easier; the doctor placed a mind control device on her head. The doctor probed inside her pussy using strange devices attached to the extractor machine. The extractor was a collection capsule for all of his experiments and also was used to suck and drain fluids. The scifi doctor gave Nikki pleasure that she has never experienced before, so enormous that she squirted all over him. The kinky man removed some fluids from her to continue his sick studies on the human race but being careful not to drain too much. Too much lost would mean death to any human. The fetish doctor tested her nipples for firmness and her pussy for tightness with his devices discovering that Nikki was not a virgin. He would document that in his log for further testing. The Cybougian then injected a blue liquid inside her vagina to ensure that she remembers nothing from their encounter. He had no intention of hurting his captives. The good doctor knew the power of the machine that he created and vowed to use it only for good. However, there were those that can and will use it for evil. After his experimentation, he locked the lab and sent the sleeping human back home. Stay tuned next time to see who breaks into the lab and what experiments they can perform…The HD video and high resolution picture gallery are posted below. Enjoy! Watch Trailer!

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