Goth Girl Squirting During Alien Interogation Part1

goth girl squirting

Short after the anal space sex, the ship finally approached planet Vaginara and the sex  orgies had to stop and the exploration had to begin. Deja Daire had to explore the abandoned alien LAB, where so many Galactic Girl were bred with the big cock aliens. Little did Deja know that there was a trap. The tattoo girl pulled her laser gun, but it was too late…The alien baby quickly captured her mind and made the goth girl strip her uniform. Then the sex machine in the LAB began probing her holes and the DNA tests began…But this Galactic Girl was well prepared. Once the bio-arm probed her ass, a huge pussy squirting of acid covered the alien tools. The baby mind quickly teleported itself out of the LAB and the latex babe was free. The video clip and image gallery captured by her drone is posted below. Enjoy! Watch Trailer!

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