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Hot Ass Babe Vanessa Naughty in SciFi Mind Blast

Kinky anal slut Vanessa Naughty was sent by ULTRA to find out what happened to Galactic Girl Audrey Lords. She was able to land on the Dark Planet undercover as a foot fetish dominatrix. After letting one of the officers to suck her toes for free she was able extract information regarding the whereabouts of the Sci-Fi laboratory controlled by the alien Baby Mind. In this episode we find ass babe Vanessa penetrating the secret lab trying to login to the main frame of Hebruces. The ULTRA has found that the Baby Mind was cooperating with the Trimons and Hebruces against the Galactic Girl. Unfortunately Vanessa was caught by invisible mind waves and we find her disarmed and laying on the ground masturbating, completely controlled by the baby Mind trap. This is another Sci-Fi porn production by Mistress Ania. Enjoy!
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