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SciFi Girl Talia captured by the Cybourg Doctor

Exotic Latina babe Talia was one of the last of her kind. She was designed by a Pussean DNA engineer long before the war with the Trimon aliens. The purpose of these exotic SciFi girls was to please and sexually satisfy the rulers of the Galactic Empire. But after the collapse of the Empire these rare galactic girls were hunted down for their unique DNA. In this scene you will see how the evil cybourg doctor has captured Talia planning to extract her DNA samples trough the alien sex machine and then he wanted to satisfy his BDSM porn desires. Signup to and watch exclusive DVD quality SciFi alien sex movies!... Stay tuned to!
Talia-Stevie_GalacticSpecimen_0001 Talia-Stevie_GalacticSpecimen_0006 Talia-Stevie_GalacticSpecimen_0010
Talia-Stevie_GalacticSpecimen_0027 Talia-Stevie_GalacticSpecimen_0034 Talia-Stevie_GalacticSpecimen_0035
Talia-Stevie_GalacticSpecimen_0041 Talia-Stevie_GalacticSpecimen_0054 Talia-Stevie_GalacticSpecimen_0065
Talia-Stevie_GalacticSpecimen_0072 Talia-Stevie_GalacticSpecimen_0082 Talia-Stevie_GalacticSpecimen_0092
Talia-Stevie_GalacticSpecimen_0112 Talia-Stevie_GalacticSpecimen_0120 Talia-Stevie_GalacticSpecimen_0124
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