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Big Boob Dancer Shay Lynn in SciFi Tentacle Bath

In this classic SciFi video we find exotic dancer Shay Lynn taking a bath after a show Europe. She ways down relaxing her strong muscles, when she heard a strange noise. Shay opened her eyes and saw nasty alien tentacles coming out of the walls. The water in the bathtub was full with dark reddish slime, which was infiltrating her blood stream keeping her an easy target for the crawling tentacles. Little did Shay know that she was a part of an experiment conducted by the Trimon Aliens. The Alien invaders were trying to improve their race in order to fight the brave Galactic Girls. Shay was completely under the control of the tentacles and started enjoying the sexual pleasure. At the end some tentacles squirted all over her hot muscular ass. This is another exclusive alien sex production by Mistress Ania. Enjoy!
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