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SciFi fetish girl Leila Swan is on a mission to negotiate with the Evil Aliens as a Space Empress. Upon her arrival to the Alien Planet of Cassiopenis, she is immediately brought into the Holding and Probing Laboratory to await her meeting. Instantly, she begins to be restrained by the cyber tentacles and pushed into a submissive posture on the "Probing Chair"! As Leila Swan struggles to escape the captive tentacles, they suddenly release as the Alien Predator enters.Tricked into believing this Predator is here to save her, Leila Swan is both startled and relieved. The Alien Predator has "Powers" to "Mind Control" Leila into a state of Sexual Arousal, allowing him to Plant His Alien Seed in her Swelling Pussy!!! Has the Evil Alien Clone begun his process to create an army of Alien Offspring!!! Visit and watch more exclusive scifi hardcore fetish videos.
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