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Angelica Raven drilled by Tentacles coverred with Slime

In this kinky HD video episode the brave Galactic Girl Angelica has been transported to the secret Hebruce's LAB on planet Pussea. Here in cooperation with the greedy alien Baby Mind the alien invaders have setup a new sexual device for interrogation and conversion. The alien slime sarcophagus was made specifically for Galactic Girl sexual interrogation. Little did the aliens know that Angelica was well prepared by ULTRA's intelligent service. Check out this alien slime movie and find out how Angelica's mind infiltrates the machine. Stay tuned for part 3, where the aliens deployed additional tentacle trying to overwhelm Angelica’s resistance.
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Angelica Raven was laying down pretending to be unconscious, isolated in the slime sarcophagus, when kinky alien tentacles starting entering trough the side holes. The alien invaders were thinking the covered with neurons tentacles would put Angelica in a constant orgasm and make her talk regarding the whereabouts of the Galactic Girl armada. Little did they know that Angelica was trained by a tentacle simulator for the last 10 years. The only thing she could do is enjoy the unlimited orgasms coming one after another…this is another exclusive HD video production by Mistress Ania. Enjoy!
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