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Natalie and Mina in Lesbian Cybourg Interrogation

Sexy cybourg babe Mina Meow has captured alien android Natalie Minx. Big boob babe Natalie was trying to impose herself as a Galactic Girl. SciFi porn cybourg Mina used the powers of the alien baby mind to interrogate the alien spy. She tied up Natalie to the interrogation chair. Then she plugged her to the mind controlling system by inserting a long tentacle probe in her pussy and attaching a brain freezing crown to her head. Natalie’s brain was completely exposed to...
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SciFi latina Serena Silva drilled by Sci-Fi doctor

Sexy Latina girl Serena Silva was captured by the evil alien baby mind in the galactic transporter. The Alien Mind was able to trap the Galactic Girl during a teleportation to the dark planet. The DNA price of this Sci-Fi sex slave was enormous as she was a rare breed between a fully grown galactic girl Crissy Moran and commander Kubr from the extinct race of Kuman. This young galactic Girl was sold to the Cybourg Doctor from planet Pussea, who wanted to extract the precious DNA and sell it to the Trimon alien race, who was fighting to survive extinction. The evil doctor put serene on the DNA extraction sex machine and started the procedure. Check out this Sci-Fi Porn movie and find out how kinky this fetish doctor was!
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Sci-Fi Latina Talia captured by Cybourg Doctor

Exotic Latina babe Talia was one of the last of her kind. She was designed by a Pussean DNA engineer long before the war with the Trimon aliens. The purpose of these exotic SciFi girls was to please and sexually satisfy the rulers of the Galactic Empire. But after the collapse of the Empire these rare galactic girls were hunted down for their unique DNA. In this scene you will see how the evil cybourg doctor has captured Talia planning to extract her DNA samples trough the alien sex machine and then he wanted to satisfy his BDSM porn desires. Signup to galacticGirls.com and watch exclusive DVD quality SciFi alien sex movies!
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