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Veronica Avluv Attacked by Alien Sex Tentacles

In this crazy Sci Fi sex film Galactic Girl Veronica Avluv was sent to help undercover agent Vanessa Naughty. ULTRA hand no idea that Vanessa was captured by the corrupt Alien baby mind and her encoded SOS transmitter was used by the Trimon Aliens to trap Veronica. Sexy MILF Veronica has entered an abundant spaceship following the SOS waves sent by the Trimons. Here she encountered the kinky alien sex tentacles. The tentacles were brought by the Hebruces to help in the war. The only way to defeat the galactic Girls was the sexual way. Once wet and horny they are easy to interrogate and brake mentally. Check out this tentacle sex movie produce by Mistress Ania and find out if the tentacles were able to bring the brave Galactic Girl Veronica Avluv to orgasm. Enjoy!
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Resurrection of Deja Daire in Space Sex has brought to live an old movie. This movie was shot in 2006, but never offered as one complete scene. Enjoy: Spacegirl Deja Daire is now into Phase II of the sexual ravages of the Alien created Humanoid; Anal Probing! The Humanoid had Deja Daire under his full control and is PROBING every orifice during this Galactic Sex encounter! As she is getting Rammed in the Ass by this Humanoid Cock she is having probes stuffed into her Hot, Wet Pussy and her Mouth in order to inject the necessary Alien Juices!!! The Alien Humanoid shoots a final LOAD on her face to control her vision! Luckily Deja has been able to get on her Protective Eye-wear to deflect the eye load. It is not enough as Deja Daire's body is fully under ALIEN CONTROL!!!
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Veronica Avluv in Sexual Mind Invasion

Hot and sexy Galactic Girl Veronica Avluv was sent to the constellation of Casiopenis to investigate an abundant spaceship. Veronica landed her capsule on top of the ship and made her way down the shaft. The brave Galactic Girl was armed with her sward and other weapons. Little did she know that scifi weapons would not help her against the hiding alien sex power. Veronica made her way to the main deck. It was dark as the spaceship was running on emergency power. She saw a transparent tentacle hanging around the captain's chair. She touched it with her sward and the tentacle lit itself with a deep yellow flame. Veronica was hypnotized. She could not move. The tentacle wrapped her quickly and made its way deep in her hot ass. Veronica’s mind was invaded by the alien. She experienced multiple orgasms and squirted for the first time in her life?! Check out this kinky scifi sex movie and find out what happened to the sexy MILF Veronica. Produced and edited by Mistress Ania. Enjoy!
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