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Exotic Dancer Shay Lynn in Alien Abduction

Sexy exotic dancer Shay Lynn went early to bed on October 21/2209. She plaid with her wet pussy and some toys, including a big pink dildo. After achieving a couple of orgasms Shay started falling a sleep…little did she know that the Trimon Aliens were spying on her for a long time. Descendent from Galactic Girl warrior Sylvia Saint Shay was a good DNA material for saving the Trimon race from extinction…Huge beam of light entered Shay’s bedroom. Shay Lynn woke up to find herself in a real nightmare. The big boob babe was teleported directly to the SCi-Fi DNA laboratory on planet Pussea. Stay tuned to part two, where Shay was tricked by undercover fetish lesbian agent of the Trimon’s and had an encounter with the mind controlling tentacles!
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Exotic Dancer Shay Lynn in Alien Abduction 2

After waking up in the alien SciFi laboratory Shay Lynn was very scared. Soon the door opened and the undercover Trimon agent Kymberly Jane entered the room. Big boob fetish babe Kymberly was spying on Shay for months. Shay remembered her right a way and was shocked. Little did she know that Kymberly had crush on her in addition to intelligence work she was subject of. Kymberly was dreaming about this moment. She wanted to kill 2 rabbits with one bullet – satisfy her kinky lesbian desires and extract the precious DNA out of Shay’s tight pink pussy. Poor Shay, she did not know what BDSM surprises has Kymberly prepared for her…Stay tuned to Part 3 of this lesbian saga is coming soon!
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Alien Capture and Containment Part1

The Institute for Alien Research (IAR) is a busy secret facility focusing on capturing Alien subjects for the purpose of research and DNA enhancement of the human race. The institute was founded in 1947, when a lot of UFO activities were reported. Since then IAR has secretly recruited the best scientists of the world trying to prevent the Alien invaders from using the Planet Earth as military base. In this episode we are showing a live footage of capturing a female Alien from the instinct race of Trimon. The Trimons were trying for eons to save themselves from instinction by mating with earth males. Check out this horror sex Sci Fi movie featuring alien porn between a Trimon female and one of the IAR best scientists, who was forced to conduct a sexual act. Stay tuned to as part3 is coming soon!
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